Cablu Nexans LANmark ecranat F1/UTP Cat.6, 0.5mm, manta PVC, gri, pe tambur 500m Mărește

Cablu de date F1/UTP Nexans LANmark, Cat.6, 0.5mm, manta PVC, gri, pe tambur de 500m

Cablu Nexans LANmark ecranat F1/UTP Cat.6, 0.5mm, manta PVC, gri, pe tambur 500m

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Cablu Nexans LANmark- 6 - N100.629



Cablul LANmark- 6 este soluția optima pentru o retea de viitor. Acesta este special conceput pentru a suporta cerințele exigente pentru protocoalele de mâine, dar este pe deplin compatibil cu nevoile de astăzi. Este cablul recomandat pentru toate instalațiile viitoare.

  • 10baseT Ethernet
  • 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet
  • 1000baseTX Gigabit Ethernet
  • 155 MBit ATM
  • 622 MBit ATM
  • 1.2 Gbit ATM
  • viitoarele aplicatii de clasa E


LANmark-6 este verificat independent să depășească cerințele ISO / IEC 11801: 2002 Categoria 6.


  • Respectă toate standardele Categoriei 6 pentru cabluri
  • Suporta aplicatii Clasa E
  • Elementul central din plastic in forma de cruce menține geometria perechilor și asigura performanța cablului
  • Testat până la 350MHz



Testate la 350 MHz și cu performanță garantată de 250 MHz, cablurile Nexans LANmark-6 ofera garantat "headroom" și lățime de bandă peste cerintele tuturor standardelor internaționale, europene și americane de cablu, inclusiv ISO / IEC 11801: 2002, IEC 61156-5, RO 50173, EN 50288, TIA / EIA 568-B.2-1.


LANmark-6 este instalat în exact același mod ca și cablurile categoria 5. Elementul central din plastic in forma de cruce C³ reduce riscul de strivire și răsucire.


Cablul Nexans LANmark-6 este acoperit de garanția că este categoria 6 și de garantia de “compomente ale retelei si manopera” conform cu cele descrise in sistemul de garantie "Nexans Certified System".


International: EN 50288; IEC 61156-5; ISO / IEC 11801
National: ANSI / TIA-568-C.2

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  N100.629    Cablu Nexans LANmark ecranat F1/UTP Cat.6, 0.5mm, manta PVC, gri, pe tambur 500m

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  • Lider mondial in productia de cabluri
             With energy as the basis of its development, Nexans is a global player in the infrastructure, industry, building and Local Area Network (LAN) markets.As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, it offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to raise industrial productivity, improve business performance, enhance security, enrich the quality of life, and assure long-term network reliability.

            With an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide, Nexans employs 23,700 people and had sales in 2010 of 6 billion euros. Nexans is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris, compartment:


             Nexans provides complete cables and cabling solutions for power production, transmission and distribution. New technologies significantly increase capacity and reduce the danger of blackouts.To reinforce rail safety and efficiency, we have products especially designed tor the demanding railroad environment.And to meet diverse needs of incumbent and new telecom operators, Nexans has customized solutions aimed at lowering capital expenditure and operating costs.

    For the world's busy airports, we offer cables and cabling systems for energy and communication networks, terminals, baggage handling systems, runway lights, control towers, etc.


              Nexans offers a complete portfolio of cables and solutions for market segments as diverse as the automotive, rolling stock and aerospace industries, shipbuilding, nuclear power, oil & gas and petrochemicals, material handling and automation.We add value through advanced technologies and durable high-performance products.


             Nexans supplies cables and network solutions for structures of all types: from small residences to public and office buildings and big industrial complexes.Nexans pioneered fire-performance cables for public safety, created industrial Ethernet solutions to unite the office and the factory floor platform, and ensured easy recyclability.From standard products to renewable energy solutions, these products contribute to the sustainable buildings of the future.
      Local Area Networks

              Nexans provides copper and optical fiber cabling systems for new resource-intensive applications, like Data Centers, Security services, and Storage Area Networks.Nexans advanced solutions are handling core business data, protecting operations in sensitive conditions, and giving organizations highspeed transmission and the ability to protect and retrieve vital information.